Sunday, April 1, 2012

Junes Top Ten MANCANDY

When I was looking over what empty blog spots to take, my mind was wandering at what I could possibly do. I don’t have the date for my sequel yet so I couldn’t take a new release slot.
I’m not a big cooking expert so I am passing on that until I can think of a dish to “wow” with.
I love the character interviews but don’t really know who I would pick. My female MC’s are usually an even bitchier “me”. It could get ugly.

“Top 10” caught my eye. Top ten what? Food? Too easy & 1 line. Food.  Booze? Don’t want to sound like a lush & even thought I was a bartender in my 20’s – I’m not that picky. TV shows? We don’t have TV & have a handful of shows we watch on Netflix. Book? No way can I pick 10!!

So… Mancandy it is!! Sorry fellows, it has to be done. Ladies, the line forms to the right for the alcohol wipes for your computer screens when you’re done licking them ;)
For some of these – finding pictures with their shirts on is a total waste of blog space but I’m trying to be nice to the guys here. I share my man crushes with a lot of women and they can all attest that this was a hard list to compile. So I give you my 12 – top 10 hunks. (Yes – I could not narrow it down to 10!) I had to take away many that were worthy.  I hope the rest of my chores this week are as tough as this.
They are in no particular order.
Matthew Mc Conaughey

Love you long time. Too many favorite movies to mention.
Channing Tatum

You had me at your moves in Step Up. Roar.
Hugh Jackman

No explanation necessary.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan

He stole my heart as Denny in Grey’s Anatomy. Although the picture doesn’t reflect it – I love how he’s always smiling!
Mike Rowe

Yes. I want him dirty.
Chris Evans

1 word. Light. My. Fire.
Paul Walker

I had him picked out for one of my MC’s before I knew who he was. 
Nathan Fillion

Yes. Firefly was killed before it’s time. Thank all that is holy for Castle.
Will Smith

To quote himself. Damn!
Ryan Reynolds

He stole my heart as a teen in 3 Guys, A girl, & a Pizza Place.
Gerard Butler

What’s not to love?
Bradley Cooper

Hangover? Okay. No mickey required.
Thank you for letting me indulge myself. Yes, there were many that I wanted to add for things like “he makes me laugh”. I won’t even lie & say “I love his brains” but honestly, I’m not a “People” follower to know any of that. (Sounds good anyway, right?) ;)
So there you have it. I’d take part in an “I love men” 12 step recovery program if I felt it was something I needed curing from. I love everything about them. Shirtless & six-pack abs, driving machinery, dirty, defending your woman, holding a baby… I love it all. I roll everything I love about men into my women’s fiction and try to give you the best hunks ever. I hope you get around to one or two of my novels and feel the same way.
Happy Reading!
Hunter’s Find – Thriller (sequel coming soon!)


Melpomene said...

now that's what I like to see first thing in the morning! Nice way to wake up!

June Kramin said...

Thanks for indulging me, Dom! LOL.. You're welcome, Melpomene! ;)

Sara Daniel said...

June, you made my day! Anytime you want to post a top 10, 12, 150 is just fine with me!!

Derek said...

So I never made the list again... ;o)

June Kramin said...

Glad to help, Sara!

Yeah, Derek. My hubby wondered where he was, too. :D

Sharon Ledwith said...

Crap, June, now I have to take a cold shower!

Nancy DiMauro said...

Yum. Great way to spend the afternoon. Thanks for that one.

Haggis said...

I am crushed, crushed, I tell you. How could you possibly forget me?

*slinks away sobbing, with tears dripping down his snout*