Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Top Ten Worst Songs of the 70s by Margaret Lesh

As a child of the Seventies, growing up with a patient father of five, a massive white Cadillac, one car radio, few FM stations, and near constant chaos, I have vivid memories of the popular songs of that era. I love music -- all kinds of rock, disco, R&B. I like a little bit of everything, and since there are far too many songs from my youth that I love, I’ve created a list of the ones that I don’t love, songs so cringe-inducing that I’d dive for the radio dial (back when there was such a thing). My list is by no means comprehensive and could be highly controversial. Debate is encouraged.

1. Afternoon Delight – Starland Vocal Band. This one is my undisputed all-time least favorite song. My husband, son, and certain friends (?) have been known to use this against me as a torture device. It was featured prominently in the Will Ferrell movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

2. Seasons in the Sun – Terry Jacks. (I have no explanation for this one. )

3. The Night Chicago Died – Paper Lace. (Aaaaaahhhhh!)

4. The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia – Vicki Lawrence. [She was a regular on the Carol Burnett Show. Interestingly, there was a made-for-TV movie written based on this song, starring Kristy McNichol. Those two facts don’t make me like it any more.]

5. The Bertha Butt Boogie – Jimmy Castor Bunch. (Does anyone remember this chestnut? As a kid, I couldn’t stand it, but when I went back and listened to it on Youtube, I have to say, it’s pretty great. Maybe my objection was to the flagrant use of the word “butt.”)

6. Wildfire – Michael Martin Murphey. (I think this must mean I’m a bad person.)

7. I Shot the Sheriff – Eric Clapton. (Disclaimer: I do love Eric Clapton. Just not this one.)

8. Lay Lady Lay – Bob Dylan. (For some reason, I thought Mac Davis sang this song. When I found out years later it was Bob Dylan, I still didn’t like it.)

9. Heartbeat (It’s a Lovebeat) – The DeFranco Family. (I dare you to try to listen to this one.)

10. Disco Duck – Rick Dees. (No explanation needed, I hope.)

What are some of your least favorites?

Margaret Lesh lives with her creative genius/vampire husband, her teen son, and a very shaggy dog. (Well, her son is shaggy too.) You can find out more about her here:


Amber Skyze said...

Oh the dreaded dial on the radio. It seems so long ago! LOL
Yes, I too didn't like Disco Duck and a few others on this list.
Enjoyed your blog today.

Derek said...

For a moment I expected to see Sugar Baby Love by The Rubettes up there. Guess that one never crossed the pond!

Sharon Ledwith said...

I really, really, really hate to admit this, but I loved some of those songs. Thanks for the memories! Cheers!

Margaret said...

Thanks, Amber. :)

Derek, I'm going to have to go find that one on youtube so I can torture myself a little.

Sharon, you've got me curious now. Hmmm. ;)

Eleni Konstantine said...

I was a littlie in the 70s but among the kids songs, my older cousins played rock, heavy rock, and disco (not all of the mind you). I can't think of anything cringeworthy but then again, they do have good taste. :)

I really don't remember most of the songs on this list - which I'm sure I'm grateful for. :)

Sloane Taylor said...

Margaret, I agree and I'm not even a child of that era. lol

Margaret said...

Eleni, consider yourself lucky. There's a lot of great music from that time. Chicago, Yes, Led Zeppelin. Some excellent R&B too. I remember all of those sexy Barry White songs. (Well, I didn't know they were sexy then.)

Sloane, yes, there were some real klunkers!

One of our fellow authors on Facebook reminded me of another horrendous song from that time: Having My Baby by Paul Anka. That one makes me want to stick a fork in my arm.

Arley Cole said...

This is a fabulous list with some great add-ons in the comments. Let me add to it "I Love the Nightlife" by Alicia Bridges. I HATED that song!!!

Margaret said...

Arley, that's funny because I was shopping at Fresh & Easy a while back and that song came on and I started singing along, and the woman shopping next to me was singing along. It's a fun song to shop to, I guess. For some reason, I like it much better than I did back then. It's a pretty cheesy song. :)

Ann T Bugg said...

OMG! This is great! Of course now I want to smack you for getting those song in my head! ;)

Margaret said...

Sorry. Nothing worse than having a song stuck in one's head. I remember when I couldn't get Bad Romance out of my head. I think it was in there for three days straight. :)

Rhea Rhodan said...

Although I disagree on the Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton, you TOTALLY nailed the the first three. They made me either want to leap for the off button or the window. Oh, and the Paula Anka song. Painful. I would add Dr. Hook's Sexy Eyes to the list, too.

Fun list, great graphic.

Elizabeth Ashtree said...

C'mon! I shot the sheriff and some the others were so campy! Awesome memories from this list!

K.R.J. said...

Do you dislike the song, "I Shot the Sheriff," itself, or just Clapton's version of it?

It was a reggae song about justice, or the lack thereof in Jamaica, its meaning somewhat veiled by necessity. Written and first recorded by Bob Marley in 1973 as a form of political protest, he changed the word "police" to "sheriff" for fear his homeland's government would attack him.

Bad music being quite subjective, you might find it amusing to listen to "Bad Song Radio." You can stream it from the iTunes player in the "Radio" section of the library under "Golden Oldies."


Jamie Peters said...

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