Sunday, April 22, 2012


Never Let Go

NEVER LET GO, my latest novella, is about a woman who stalks her ex-boyfriend, so I put together a stalker soundtrack for this week's Musa Top Ten list. It's amazing how many "love" songs are downright disturbing when you listen more closely.

No stalker song list would be complete without this one. It still surprises me when people think it's a love song or, worse yet, an appropriate wedding song. "Every step you take, I'll be watching you" isn't my idea of a healthy relationship, but maybe that's just me.

Some people don't know how to take "no" for an answer. This song is perfect for Jessica, my main character, who's essentially tells her ex-boyfriend "I won't let you let me down so easily./You gotta spend some time, love/You gotta spend some time with me."

The lyrics for Posession were taken from a stalker's fan letter. I'm not sure what parts were actually from the letter, but could you imagine getting one that read "'Cause nothing stands between us here/And I won't be denied/And I will be the one to hold you down..."? :shudders:

This song is a lot like Jessica: seemingly harmless and cute, but obsessive when it comes to the man of her dreams. At least Jessica got some kisses before flipping out. Little Peggy March's guy only touched her hand before she vowed to follow him over mountains and through oceans wherever he may go.

Unlike many other stalkerish songs, this one isn't subtle about it. There's no mistaking the intent of "One way or another I'm gonna find ya/I'm gonna getcha getcha..." Heck, Blondie even sings about driving past his house and seeing who's around. That's Jessica's M.O. too.

Clay Aiken? I know, I know, this pick is worthy of a facepalm. Despite its pop cheesiness, I included Invisible on the list because I found it a tad disturbing the first time I heard it. Maybe it should be sparkly Edward's theme song: "If I was invisible/Then I could just watch you in your room."

This isn't a stalker song as much as an obsession song, full of promises to die, cry, pray, beg, burn, kill, and steal for someone. Appropriately enough, it's on the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack.

I normally associate BNL with happy, goofy songs. This Old Apartment sounds light-hearted, but the lyrics are anything but. "Why did they change the locks?/Why did I have to break in, I only came here to talk." Nothing like a little breaking and entering to make stalking even more creepy.

I used to think this was a song about unrequited love. You'd think I would've gotten a clue after seeing the hilariously bad music video of Lionel Ritchie stalking his blind student, but hey, I was a dumb teenager back then.

The entire song (and video) is about a guy chasing someone all over town, so it's a no-brainer for this list. The song gets extra points for actually using the word "stalked" ("Stalked in the forest too close to hide..."). Honestly, though, I wouldn't complain if Simon Le Bon or Roger Taylor chased me.

It wasn't easy choosing only ten songs for the list. What would you add? Share your top picks in the comments!

Happy reading!

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Anya Breton said...

"Tyler" by the Toadies isn't a love song, but it sure is a stalker song.
I think it's about a dude who stalks a girl, sneaks into her house, and then kidnaps her to Mexico.
That's what I'd add.

Marcy said...

Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me." (But, then, I'm probably biased, heh.)

Fun post!

Dusty Crabtree said...

What about Lifehouse's "Breathing"? I know it's a Christian song, but the lyrics can definitely be taken as a love song. I play it when I teach Romeo and Juliet and the balcony scene. When I read the chorus, "Cause I am hanging on every word you're saying...I want nothing more than to sit outside heaven's door and listen to you breathing..." someone always mentions the word "stalker." Lol!

Andy said...

I think "Superman" by R.E.M. should be included. It's got everything: watching from a distance, reminding the subject he knows everything about her, questioning her sexual relationship with the new guy she's seeing. Warm fuzzies!

Marguerite Butler said...

A great list. I think that song by the Police is the ultimate stalker song. It's always creeped me out.

Rhea Rhodan said...

A very original idea for a Top Ten! If the story is half as creative, it's sure to be a winner.

Vonnie said...

Definitely agree with Every Breath You Take. Always gave me the creeps. I've often commented it sounds like a pyschopath singing to himself.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Wow, who would have though there were so many stalker songs.

John B. Rosenman said...

What about "Hey There, Delilah"? I think that's the title or close to it. Creepy. Talk about losers not letting go.

Paul Stansfield said...

"Stan" by Eminem is pretty disturbing, what with the murder/suicide at the end. "All Around the World" by Lisa Stansfield (no relation) is deceptively creepy, too, if you listen to the words. Interesting post--good job.

Cordelia Dinsmore said...

Oooh, great list! When I was a kid, my mom would sing a song to us called "The Little Blue Man". That was either one very messed up gal, or else she had the ultimate stalker.