Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Rainbow Bridge of Norse Mythology

by S.G. Rogers

What is the rainbow bridge of Norse mythology? Called Bifröst, it’s described as a burning or shimmering rainbow reaching from Midgard (ie: Earth) to Asgard, the world of supernatural beings known as Æsir. The bridge ends at the residence of the god Heimdallr, who possesses foreknowledge, keen eyesight and hearing. He also has gold teeth. The scuttlebutt among scholarly types is that the Rainbow Bridge may represent the Milky Way.

How did I work the Rainbow Bridge into The Druid and its sequel The Accidental Immortal?

I took advantage of the fact the myths, legends and beliefs comprising Norse mythology went through two centuries of oral preservation before ever being written down anywhere. In other words, things might have been garbled, exaggerated or distorted over the years. Think about the tall tales told about a relatively recent historical figure, George Washington. He admitted to his father having chopped down the cherry tree because he couldn’t tell a lie? Never happened.

The Rainbow Bridge plays a significant part in The Druid and The Accidental Immortal, but not in the way you might think.

~ S.G. Rogers

Excerpt from The Druid:
The station master must have heard because he stuck his head out from behind a freestanding wall of monitors. When he flashed his bright smile it was quite literally blinding; Dani had never seen so many gold teeth in one mouth before.

“Greetings, Mortal,” he said. “Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge.”

“Thanks Mr. — ” Dani paused.

“Call me Mr. H,” he said. He ambled over and began to chuck the cat under its chin. “And this is Bifrost.”

The cat yawned, revealing its own set of gold choppers.

“So…you get Quizzically! here, Mr. H?” Dani asked. “I thought that program aired only in Midgard.”

“All re-runs, of course,” he replied. “Most popular program in Asgard, even so. I love it when they have Norse mythology, but it’s amazing how often they get the facts wrong.”

“I guess you can’t believe everything you read,” Dani said. “Um…I was kidnapped from Midgard and I want to go home.”

Suddenly all business, Mr. H flipped opened a leather-bound journal. “I’ll need to see your passport and travel documents,” he said, picking up a pen from a desk set shaped like a rainbow. “Also, your Deed Completion

“Er…I don’t have any of that. Like I said, I was brought here against my will. Look, I have a little cash — and a universally accepted credit card. Do you think we can we work something out?”

Mr. H slammed the journal shut. “Sorry, but rules are rules.

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When the Cup of Immortality goes missing in Asgard, will Dani sacrifice her relationship with Rein in order to save his life?

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Sharon Ledwith said...

Hey, Suzanne, love the way myths and legends are translated through oral stories! I used the same techniques when it came to crafting my book with Atlatean roots. Kudos on your reads, and wishing you all the success that will lead you across the Rainbow Bridge! Cheers!

S.G. Rogers said...

Thanks, Sharon! I love the idea of writing about Atlantis! Your book is on my TBR list.

Ann Montclair said...

High stakes and classical references. I can't wait to read it.