Saturday, November 30, 2013


At least this year

Thanksgiving is family, food, and thankfulness. It’s when you have this homing urge to join your people over a huge roasted turkey. When you were ten you punched your cousin in the nose for some remark he made. When you were eighteen, you were bored and wishing to be somewhere else, but mom made you stay. When you were twenty-eight, you were setting up the children’s table. And so it goes right down to Grandpa who at 90 announced he didn’t need to watch his cholesterol any more and reached for the butter dish. (I loved it when he did that.) What family memories do you have of this special day?

Emma Lane
The Duke and Miss Amabel Hawkins

Giving Thanks
by HL Carpenter

It's really quite a list.
Good food, good friends, good company
And more I've likely missed.

But what I’m really thankful for
(which may prove that I'm a dork),
is the one thing I use the most--
my fetching, fabulous fork.

HL Carpenter
The SkyHorse

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends and colleagues! I look forward to toasting you all during our turkey dinner.

Best wishes,

I'm grateful for the spirit of adventure. It gives me the courage to try new foods, read genres I've never tried, and travel to places I've never been whether in my town or in another country. Without my spirit of adventure I never would have worked as an archeologist, thrown a tomahawk, or eaten a pickled walnut.

From Stormy Deane of Looney Dunes:
Hello to all from looney Dune Island. This year, I'm giving thanks for all of you out there, reading my pearls of wisdom while I conquer dirt, germs, and the women who are after Carl and his cute dimples. You're even better therapy than my PNS group (the Phobie Non-Socies. Yeah, we're a riot!). I lift my 2.5 ounces of red wine to all of you. Oh, and Eleanor and her assortment of (creepy old) dolls say Happy Thanksgiving, too.

Had you hoped to have more, be better in some way this year? Give yourself a pat on the back for the vision. If you had a plan and took steps to make that vision come true, then you are two for two, whether you made that dream a reality or not. Keep trying, keep dreaming, and have a great new year.

Andrea M. Johnson
Soul’s Shadows

For me, Thanksgiving and Christmas are my annual and favorite crossroads of past, present, and future – where I remember and cherish what was, am thankful for what is, and hope for the best for what will be. Happy holidays!

Lest Camelot Fall coming January 10, 2014
Wishing everyone a warm, happy, and safe Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, food, love, and a wonderful book for when you need to escape them all.


sshamptonsenior said...

Damn, I don't have any such memories...related to memories are of Turkey Day 2004 at Fort Irwin when I was mobilized for active duty and wearing a uniform for the first time in almost 15 years...or Turkey Day 2006 when deployed to Iraq, and eating a holiday meal in a garishly decorated messhall...and now, my last Turkey Day in a small apartment complex run by a non-profit agency on behalf of the VA for homeless veterans, where I have lived for almost two years, as a homeless veteran...

Helen and Lorri said...

Stan--Peace. The cultural ideal is largely a myth.