Musa is a digital (ebook), royalty-paying small publisher.

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Online Submissions Form

The form includes a query letter, a synopsis of your story, and the first twenty pages of your manuscript.

If we like what we see, we will request your entire story in standard electronic manuscript format (1 inch margins-top, bottom, and sides; 12 pt Times New Roman font; double spaced, non-justified right margin.)
Musa editors collaborate and you may see your book assigned/unassigned several times during the submissions process.  Please do not email us to inquire about the assignment.  Until your book is rejected or accepted, a change in assignment is simply an internal process and you do not need to worry what it means.  It means we are looking at your story!

We respectfully request that authors NOT email us to ask for feedback on rejected submissions.  When we can, we provide some direction to authors in our rejection email.  A book may not be right for us for many different reasons.  Generally, the top two reasons a book will be declined are: 1) technically, the book is simply not “ready” for publication and 2) the book simply did not engage, excite, and thrill us.

As a small publisher, we are focused on the quality of the books we contract.  We only accept a certain number of books per year and we strive to offer marketing support and personalized editing to all of our authors.  If we can make suggestions to help you improve your book, we will.  If we don’t provide feedback in the rejection email, please do not email the assigned editor, the submissions email box, etc., because we cannot provide an individualized critique.

If your book is rejected, please do not assume we did not read it.  Please do NOT send us abusive emails. We do read and thoughtfully consider every manuscript that is submitted.  We respect every writer’s time and we appreciate your submitting to us. But again, not every book is right us.  If we pass on yours, we are not insulting you or your work.  Kindly do not insult us! Keep writing, keep revising.  Seek out critique partners and support from other authors.  You are welcome to submit revised books to us again, or to submit new material even if we have passed on one of your books.

Response time can vary from several weeks to several months depending on submission volume. If you do not have a response from us within 3-4 months of your initial submission, you may email to request a status.

Developmental Editors

These are Musa editors who acquire their own manuscripts. You can submit to one of these editors directly by listing them as the referrer in the Submission Form.

Helen Hardt: Helen has been editing professionally since 2008 and has had the privilege of working with New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, RITA winners and finalists, and EPIC winners and finalists. She specializes in romance (any genre, orientation, or heat level) and erotica and is especially interested in acquiring menage erotic romance and all types of erotica. She also acquires literary fiction, young adult fiction, and GLBT fiction for Musa. Submit via the Musa Submissions Form and list Helen as the referrer.

Jeanne De Vita is the Managing Director of Musa Publishing.  She acquires manuscripts in just about every genre--she is drawn to strong stories, unique characters, and engaging settings.  She welcomes work from unpublished authors as well as established writers. Jeanne prefers longer novellas-to books under 100,000 words. She would love to see more of the following (in no particular order):
  • GLBTQ fiction
  • horror, paranormal, psychological suspense, mystery
  • 'contemporary' historical fiction--1900-present
  • literary fiction
  • lesbian erotica
Please use Musa's online submission form and list Jeanne as the referrer. You may also want to follow Jeanne on Twitter where she frequently tweets editing tips and tips for writers @mermaidjeanne. 

Angela Kelly has been with Musa Publishing since 2011. Angela has a wide variety of reading interests and acquires manuscripts in almost every genre, including YA and Romance. Angela seeks good stories with strong and interesting characters, stories that she can believe in. Fantasy, horror, paranormal, mystery, thriller/suspense, science fiction, romance, YA...all are welcome as long as she connects with your characters and story in such a way that she doesn't want to see it end.

To submit to Angela, please use Musa's Submissions Form and list Angela as the referrer.

Damien Angelica Walters has been with Musa Publishing since 2013. She was an Associate Editor of the Hugo Award-winning speculative fiction magazine, Electric Velocipede until the magazine’s closing in 2013. She’s also a staff writer with BooklifeNow, the online companion to Jeff VanderMeer’s Booklife: Strategies and Survival Tips for the 21st Century Writer, and an accomplished writer of speculative short fiction, with work appearing in magazines such as Lightspeed, Apex, Shimmer, Strange Horizons, and others.

She’s interested in literary fiction with a strong voice and compelling characters, suspense/thriller, and paranormal/horror, but she prefers a literary style, not slash and gore. No vampires or zombies, please. She’s had her fill.

She’s also interested in QUILTBAG, YA, and mystery. Again, she’s looking for a strong voice and a literary storytelling style.

To submit to Damien, please use Musa's Submissions Form and list Damien as the referrer.

Jill Cryan: Jill fell in love with the past a long time ago, when she first discovered Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, and BBC costume dramas. She still enjoys all three. She is looking for historical romance in a variety of settings as well as traditional Regencies and erotic historical romance. If you would like to submit to her, please use the online submission form and list Jill as the referrer.

Nandini Chakraborty: Nandini Chakraborty has been a fan of historical romance since her early teens, when she would hide Barbara Cartland romances in her desk drawers and read them surreptitiously. Nandini is looking for historical romances that include, but are not limited to, traditional Regencies. After all, romance and love are universal! All heat levels are welcome. Please submit your manuscript via the Musa Submission Form and list Nandini as the referrer.



Musa is a digital (ebook), royalty-paying small publisher. Musa does not charge fees for set up, printing, or anything else. Money flows to the author, not the other way around. Musa Publishing has a zero tolerance policy toward plagiarism. This includes fan fiction of any sort--disguised or not.

Musa will consider submissions from 15,000 words to epic novel for all imprints.

We will consider reprints to rights reverted stories. We do not accept multiple submissions. We will publish all books electronically.


Musa absolutely will not publish any stories that include the following:

Incest (unless a historical set in an ancient setting like Egypt or some fantasy stories)
Necrophilia (this doesn't apply to the Undead—like vampires)
Gratuitous rape or rape intended to titillate (rape as necessary for the plot and presented in a non-titillating fashion will be considered)
Scat or golden showers
Bestiality (shapeshifters in human form is okay)
Material that discriminates or displays extreme prejudice against another race, gender or sexual orientation
Retooled or blatant fan fiction

If you have any questions about the submissions process, please email us at or send the question through our help desk feature on our website.